July 7, 2024


Fortifying Our Fight for Employee Rights: Welcoming new legal experts to our team

Last week, we had the privilege of welcoming two new attorneys, Taylor Volkman and Curtis Grayer III, to our team. By adding these talented attorneys, we are not only enhancing our capacity to take on more cases but also fortifying our specialized knowledge to tackle novel challenges in employment law effectively. 

Both Curtis and Taylor come to us ready to make a difference, with diverse and proven backgrounds as advocates for those facing wrongful termination and employment discrimination. Curtis’s background as an Equal Opportunity Associate and Employment Litigation Associate, coupled with his deep understanding of organizational psychology, provides him with a unique perspective to navigate complex hostile work environment cases effectively. While in law school, Curtis was honored for his exceptional advocacy skills, winning the Best Speaker Award for Excellence in Appellate Argument at Notre Dame Law School. Altogether, he is well equipped to handle discrimination cases, wage and hour violations, and other employment law matters.  

Equally impressive, Taylor comes to us as a proven litigator who has been honored for his persuasive legal writing skills in disability accommodation cases, winning the Reese Persuasive Writing Award while attending the Strum College School of Law. Since graduating, Taylor’s legal career has molded him into an invaluable asset in our pursuit of justice for employees facing retaliation claims. Taylor’s tenure as a Senior Compliance Investigator with the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment equips him with first-hand experience in conducting intricate investigations. In addition, Taylor has a background in employment law and litigating civil rights cases. His professional experiences demonstrate Taylor’s continued commitment to justice and equity. From the smallest workplace environments to the biggest legal stages, Taylor has defended justice and equity wherever he sees an opportunity.  

Curtis and Taylor are driven by a profound motivation to advocate for employee rights. For Curtis, his passion stems from a belief that when employers violate workers’ rights, the negative impacts ripple through all aspects of an individual’s life – both professional and personal. He sees clients as whole beings deserving of empathy and justice, driven by a desire to create a more equitable society. This authentic understanding will allow him to be a compassionate yet formidable representative for our clients navigating family and medical leave cases. Similarly, Taylor’s motivation is rooted in years of personal. experience working in various service and labor industries from a young age. These formative years instilled in him a deep respect for the dignity of working people and the toll that an unjust workplace can take. His first-hand perspective fuels an unwavering commitment to vindicating the rights of those wronged on the job through severance negotiation cases. 

With such principled motivations guiding their work, Curtis and Taylor will undoubtedly be exceptional client representatives. Their genuine care for employees’ well-being, coupled with their legal acumen, ensures our clients will receive not just effective advocacy, but a level of empathetic understanding that can make all the difference in difficult employment matters. 

As we grow our team of advocates, we become better equipped to expand workers’ protections and your rights within the workplace. The addition of Curtis and Taylor will be essential in this fight against hostile work environments and wage theft, and although there is much work left to do, we can breathe easier with their help on our side. If you are facing workplace inequity, discrimination, or unfair treatment, Curtis, Taylor, and the team at Wanta Thome are ready to fight for your rights.