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      Stand Up For What Is Right

      We are lawyers who make an impact. We are purpose driven to fight to right wrongs and aspire to make systematic changes inside organizations to benefit all. We work for you to make a long-lasting difference in the way people are treated.

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      Whistleblower Representation

      You have the power to do what is right. Challenging illegal conduct takes courage and commitment. Our employment lawyers will fight for you to hold your employer accountable under state and federal whistleblower protection laws.

      Employment Lawyers

      You have the power to change the workplace. One case at a time, our employment lawyers work to end employment discrimination, sexual harassment, wage theft, retaliation, and more.

      Class Action Attorneys

      You have the power to be the catalyst for change. Individuals find strength in numbers through class actions. Our team of class action attorneys will amplify your voice against dishonest companies.

      Caveman 1996
      Caveman 1996
      April 27, 2023.
      Katy helped me navigate my legal situation and gave excellent advice, she listened with open ears and was well spoken.
      Samantha Isaacs
      Samantha Isaacs
      April 26, 2023.
      I had the pleasure of working with Joni and Katherine as my lawyer and I couldn't be more satisfied with the services provided. Joni was extremely knowledgeable, responsive, and professional throughout the entire process. They kept me informed every step of the way and ensured that my rights were protected. I would highly recommend this law firm to anyone in need of employment law representation. Thank you for your exceptional work!
      Nali Malimage
      Nali Malimage
      April 14, 2023.
      (Typed this on my way back in the flight so had a few typos and reposting 🙂 ) Shawn Wanta and Katy are excellent attorneys. Being a female, Katy had been one of my favorite lawyers. She is persistent, technology savvy, quick to learn, quick witted and fights for her clients. Shawn Wanta is a great role model to many attorneys out there. Having seen a wide variety of lawyers since I was a child, mark my word, Katy (Katherine Rollins) is going to be one of the best attorneys in the country someday!
      Enrique Barreto
      Enrique Barreto
      April 10, 2023.
      had a horrible work experience and thought i was ghosted by attourney. I was wrong about that. the law is very specific about what can be done and when. very much appreciate the help and guidance given to me by wanta thome plc. would highley recommend them for workplace issues.
      John Worrell
      John Worrell
      March 1, 2023.
      I turned to this office when I needed help and so far Joni/Judson has been so understanding and helpful and I appreciate them both for helping me with my matter!!
      Julia Feygin
      Julia Feygin
      February 5, 2023.
      Chris Jozwiak is a highly esteemed expert, thought leader, and trailblazer in his field. In addition to being a brilliant and immensely skilled attorney, Chris is also one of the most sincere and empathic professionals I have ever engaged with. In all our interactions, Chris has continuously impressed me with his thorough knowledge, strategic vision, tenacity, and uncompromising integrity which he authentically couples with genuine kindness, compassion, and strong sense of purpose. I wholeheartedly recommend Chris and would personally trust him without reservation with any matter.
      Katherine B
      Katherine B
      February 3, 2023.
      I had a consultation with Scott, he was very thorough in his questions, his perspective on next steps was very clear and thoughtful. It was clear that he looks after his clients best interests. Thanks Scott.
      Judd Knippel
      Judd Knippel
      December 2, 2022.
      Very happy with the quality of service! The employees were very helpful. Chris is very responsive and has been very helpful with everything I've needed, and then some! I would highly recommend!!
      Paul & Katie Schoenecker
      Paul & Katie Schoenecker
      November 9, 2022.
      It was always a pleasure to call the office. The secretary was always so polite and courteous. We talked with Matthew on numerous occasions about our issue. He would always have the information needed, or if not, he would consult with one of the other members of their team with more experience in that field. Matthew would always make call backs, with the information in a very timely manner. I would Highly recommend the attorneys of Baillon Thome Jozwiak & Wanta LLP. Very professional and knowledgeable firm.
      Employment lawyers contingency

      Why Work With Us

      We are professionals with a human touch. When you work with us, you get more than an employment lawyer: you get a team of talented and experienced people who work closely with you to understand your unique situation and provide a personal touch when it’s needed most.

      “The court recognizes that Plaintiffs’ counsel has performed at a very high rate of professionalism and skill. … they have been consistently knowledgeable and accomplished.” – United States District Judge

      Our top lawyers are committed to empowering you to stand up for what is right. We will invest the time with you to discuss and understand your current needs and long-term goals. We offer a free consultation with employment lawyers.

      Sexual Harassment

      Unwelcome sexual advances and requests for sexual favors remain all too common in the workplace. We are employment lawyers who fight for employees who have been sexually harassed or sexually assaulted.


      Discrimination takes many forms: from subtle to overt. We work with you to identify and battle discrimination in the workplace through strong advocacy for your human rights enshrined in employment discrimination laws.

      Wage Theft

      You work hard for your money. Wage theft can occur through unpaid overtime, illegal wage deductions, or independent contractor misclassification. Our employment lawyers make sure you receive what you earned.


      State and federal laws protect employees from retaliation for reporting or opposing discriminatory or illegal practices. We will ensure that your legal rights are protected when you hold your employer accountable to do the right thing.

      Executive Severance

      The reasons for someone leaving a job are sometimes unclear. We leverage powerful negotiating skills and employment law experience to ensure that your severance agreement provides the security, clarity, and peace of mind you deserve.


      Non-compete agreements restrict where, when, and how you work. Failure to abide by the terms of the contract could lead to litigation. We will advise you of your rights before and after signing a non-compete agreement.