May 25, 2021

Employment Discrimination Firm News

Thome Presents at 2021 Employment Law Institute

Firm founding partner, Joni Thome presented at the 2021 Upper Midwest Employment Law Institute (ELI). ELI is a prominent two-day conference for employment lawyers and human resource professionals from across the upper Midwest to gather and discuss the latest developments in employment law. Joni joined other local attorneys in presenting on important employment law topics at this year’s conference.

Joni Thome joined attorney Megan Anderson to answer critical questions about legal protections for LGBTQ+ workers in a presentation titled “LGBTQ+ Employee Rights – 17 Common Questions and Their Answers”. Questions like “What are an employer’s obligations related to restrooms, locker rooms and the like?” and “What are some of the best practices for creating a nondiscriminatory and inclusive workplace?” were discussed.

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