July 31, 2020

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Spam Text Message about an Online Real Estate Auction? Class Action Investigation into Possible TCPA Violations

Wanta Thome PLC is investigating unsolicited text messages (spam texts) and robocalls by companies that offer online real estate auctions. These companies may be so desperate to find bidders that they resort to spamming real estate agents or potential buyers. If you don’t have a prior relationship with the auction service, and you receive an unwanted text message or robocall about participating in an online auction or visiting a property that’s up for auction, you may be able to assert a claim under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”). The statutory fine is $500 per unsolicited text, which can go up to $1,500 if the violation was willful. The consumer rights and class action attorneys at Wanta Thome PLC are committed to stopping illegal texts and robocalls. Contact us for a free consultation.

For more on TCPA protections, please read: Enhanced Federal Protections Against Robocalls Under the TCPA.