May 13, 2019

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Proud to Support the Great Work of Cancer Legal Care

Wanta Thome joins an esteemed group of law firms, businesses and individuals in support of the important work of Cancer Legal Care at its Legal Care Affair event. The Legal Care Affair is the largest fundraiser for Cancer Legal Care with proceeds going directly to the legal programs and services Cancer Legal Care provides to Minnesotans affected by cancer. The firm has been honored to sponsor this event the last several years.

Cancer Legal Care is the only organization providing free legal care to Minnesotans affected by cancer who otherwise have no access to an attorney’s help for the legal issues that directly impact their health and well-being.

For more than 15 years, Cancer Legal Care has helped over 9,000 Minnesotans affected by cancer with legal care information and services. More than 40% of their clients have Stage IV cancer, and over 90% or all clients report being one paycheck or disability check away from being unable to meet their monthly living expenses. Cancer Legal Care’s staff and attorneys answer questions about access to public benefits, insurance issues, family law, employment matters, financial and housing concerns, and many other cancer-related legal issues. We look forward to continuing to support the great work of this organization.