Wanta Thome Core Values

October 28, 2023


Our Values: The Pillars That Guide Our Law Practice and Internal Operations

In a world cluttered with noise, the foundation of any successful organization lies in its core values. This isn’t about mere statements written on a website or framed in a meeting room; it’s about principles that actively guide decision-making, shape strategy, and influence engagement. For us, values are more than just words; they are the lifeblood of our operations, both in how we serve our clients and how we interact internally. This article aims to provide a comprehensive look into our values and how they permeate every facet of our law practice.

Teamwork: Lifting Each Other Up

We Inspire Resilience
In our practice, we are devoted to fostering resilience within our team. This encompasses both professional growth and personal well-being, ensuring that we face challenges stronger than before.

We Welcome and Embrace Diversity
Inclusiveness is not an afterthought for us; it’s a commitment. We firmly believe that diverse perspectives enrich our capabilities and expand the horizons of what we can achieve.

We are Committed
Commitment to our goals is non-negotiable. It’s what allows us to deliver consistently high-quality service to our clients and sustain a productive work environment.

We are Timely and Prepared
In a profession where time is often of the essence, we ensure that we are always on time, whether it’s for court appointments or internal team meetings.

We are Accountable to the Team
Accountability is a two-way street. We not only hold ourselves responsible for our roles but also expect to be held accountable by our team.

Impactful Agility: Driving Positive Change

We Do the Job That’s Needed
We are proactive, often going beyond our assigned tasks to focus on actions that most benefit our clients, thereby displaying agility in our response to client needs.

We Step Up, Then Step Back
Leadership is not about ego; it’s about knowing when to take charge and when to step back and let others lead, cultivating a dynamic work environment.

We Finish Stronger
Our firm is characterized by a robust culture of accountability and resilience, enabling us to persist through obstacles and deliver impactful results.

We Ask and Adjust
In an ever-changing legal landscape, we are committed to adaptation and continual learning, which is vital for staying relevant and effective.

We Make Work Light
A positive work environment is not just good for morale; it enhances productivity and promotes a culture of collaboration and inclusiveness.

Radical Candor: Honest Conversations Matter

We Speak Truth with Compassion
Our feedback mechanism is designed to be straightforward yet compassionate, ensuring that the essence of the message is not lost in translation.

We Invest in Relationships
We believe that robust relationships pave the way for candid conversations, thereby enhancing team dynamics and client relations.

We Embrace Constructive Conflict
We are not afraid of disagreements; we embrace them as opportunities for growth and improvement.

We Promote a Culture of Openness
An open work environment ensures that everyone feels empowered to express their views without the fear of judgment, but with the expectation of constructive feedback.

We Balance Challenge with Care
While we aim for high standards, we do so with empathy, recognizing the potential in each individual.

Results-Driven: Focusing on Outcomes

We Value Results Over Effort
Our performance metrics are not merely based on effort but are deeply rooted in achieving tangible results.

We Advocate for Clients
We go beyond the call of duty to meet our clients’ needs, reinforcing the trust that they have placed in us.

We Focus on Alignment
Strategic alignment with the firm’s goals is fundamental, ensuring that everyone is moving in the same direction, towards achieving our mission.

We Are Decisive
Timely and thoughtful decision-making is critical, especially when it comes to solving complex legal challenges.

We Emphasize Responsibility and Follow-Through
We hold ourselves accountable for all our actions, continually tracking progress to ensure we are consistently results-oriented.

Relentless Excellence: Beyond the Norm

We Believe Good Enough is Never Good Enough
Our commitment to excellence is unwavering; we seek to not just meet but to surpass expectations.

We are Fully Engaged
We approach our work with full engagement, understanding the firm’s goals, and injecting a sense of possibility into what we do.

We Move On
Mistakes are inevitable, but it’s how we recover from them that defines us. We learn from our errors and move forward, more equipped than before.

We are Continuously Improving
Our journey towards excellence is endless. It involves learning from both our successes and failures.

We are Zealous Advocates
Guided by a firm commitment to justice, we approach our work with unparalleled professionalism, diligence, and integrity.


At Wanta Thome, our values are not merely words; they are actionable principles that dictate how we conduct ourselves in our client-facing law practice and internal operations. By adhering to these principles, we not only aim to offer impeccable service to our clients but also create an inclusive, adaptable, and results-driven work environment. Our values are the cornerstone of our identity, the framework that ensures we not just act, but act wisely.