May 19, 2022

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Thome presentation: 2022 Upper Midwest Employment Law Institute

Wanta Thome PLC founding partner, Joni Thome presented at the 2022 Upper Midwest Employment Law Institute (ELI), held on May 23rd and 24th as a hybrid in person/online event. ELI is the preeminent conference for employment lawyers and human resource professionals from across the upper Midwest to gather and discuss the latest developments in employment law. The Institute is one of the largest and best-attended conferences of its type in the country and provides employment professionals with up-to-date education and resources throughout the employment law field.

Joni presented a lecture titled “Anti-Harassment Policies and Complaint Procedures – Best Practices” with Leonard Segal of Schindel Segal. Their presentation provides guidance on establishing and enforcing employment policies regarding harassment and complaints.

Joni Thome is a founding partner of Wanta Thome PLC. She has practiced employment law for over 30 years and has been a Certified Employment Law Specialist since 2010.  Joni has been repeatedly recognized as a leading employment lawyer in Minnesota. Joni is committed to advocating for employees who have experienced whistleblower retaliation, sexual harassment, discrimination, and other unlawful actions at their workplace. To speak with Joni, or any of our employment attorneys about your rights at work, click here to call 612-252-3570.