October 17, 2014

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Age Discrimination in the Tech Industry

Scroll through postings for tech jobs and you will see desired traits such as “recent college graduate” or “new graduates.” While at first glance, these employers are simply targeting entry level employees, the unfortunate reality is a discriminatory practice common in the tech industry. After recent determinations by the EEOC that such postings are unlawful, the industry-wide problem of age discrimination is no longer being ignored.

Despite the number of over-40 workers in the tech industry, jobs slots in tech companies like Dropbox, Apple, and Facebook continue to be filled by young applicants, often in their early 20s. According to a recent Forbes article, the absence of an older workforce may have more to do with age discrimination than education or ability. In addition to targeting “new graduates” in job postings, the companies have even gone so far as to list which graduating classes are qualified for the job. Representatives from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) have asserted that these targeted job postings run afoul of employment laws by effectively deterring older job seekers from applying.

Indeed, hiring practices and policies that disparately impact workers over forty could be considered discriminatory. Job postings that don’t mention age but hint at an age bracket could be effectively singling out younger applicants and discouraging older applicants from applying. It is not just because they have the freshest or trendiest tech education either – younger applicants usually demand less pay and fewer benefits. And most applicants in their early twenties have fewer family obligations. In short, discrimination against older applicants is lucrative and helps tech companies bolster their bottom line.

In Minnesota, there are a growing number of positions for programmers, developers, SEO specialists, and other tech industry consultants. If you believe you have suffered from age discrimination, we want to hear from you. At Wanta Thome PLC, we are experienced in investigating and litigating cases of age discrimination and can effectively protect your employment rights. For more information about age discrimination in the tech industry or to speak to an attorney, please call 612-252-3570.