Retirement planning holds considerable stakes for individuals who rely on 401(k) plans and pension funds to secure their future. It is concerning when fiduciaries and plan administrators fail to fulfill their legal responsibilities. Wanta Thome provides legal services to protect participants from unfair practices and violations of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). Below, we delve into the complex issues surrounding retirement plan disputes, from imprudent investments to excessive fees, and how class action lawsuits can offer a powerful avenue for legal recourse.

Fiduciary Responsibilities and Retirement Plans

ERISA mandates that fiduciaries act in the best interests of the plan participants. These fiduciaries have a legal obligation to ensure that plan investments are safe, stable, and devoid of excessive fees. The U.S. Supreme Court emphasized in its 2015 Tibble v. Edison International decision that this duty requires ongoing scrutiny and adjustments. If you suspect any shortcomings, do not hesitate to contact Wanta Thome to evaluate your plan’s compliance with fiduciary duties.

Recovery for Excessive Fees and Imprudent Investments

Excessive fees can erode the value of a retirement account significantly. Wanta Thome specializes in identifying such abusive fee structures and litigates to return those fees to the retirement accounts.

Types of Excessive Fees

  • Layered Fees: Multiple levels of charges can sap an account’s resources.
  • Mutual Fund Sales Charges: These charges can adversely impact the participant’s initial investment.
  • Management Fees: Unjustifiably high fees for conservative funds are unacceptable.

If you notice any of these red flags, contact Wanta Thome to discuss the suitability and fairness of the fees associated with your retirement plan.

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Imprudent Investments

Investments chosen for retirement plans should ideally be low-risk and stable. Fiduciaries are obligated to continuously monitor these investments for any risks or poor performance. A failure in this regard is a breach of fiduciary duty. If you have concerns about the prudence of your plan’s investments, Wanta Thome is available to assist with legal counsel.

A class action lawsuit allows similarly affected participants to pool resources for litigation. This focused approach enables a concentrated legal strategy that addresses key issues affecting multiple participants. The attorneys at Wanta Thome has decades of experience in leading class action lawsuits in cases involving ERISA violations.

Protecting Your Investments

Retirement plans aim to offer a secure financial foundation for participants. Fiduciaries owe participants prudent investment decisions and reasonable fees. Wanta Thome is dedicated to ensuring your hard-earned retirement savings are not compromised by mismanagement or unethical practices. If you have any concerns about the management of your retirement savings, it is crucial to act promptly. Contact Wanta Thome to evaluate your financial future.

Evaluate Your Financial Future with Wanta Thome

Suspecting that your retirement plan is compromised through excessive fees, imprudent investments, or other ERISA violations is a grave matter. Our attorneys are proficient in complex litigation and have a proven record of successfully recovering losses for retirement plans and their participants. Contact Wanta Thome today to discuss your concerns and options.

By safeguarding your retirement funds, you invest in both your future and your peace of mind. Wanta Thome is committed to defending your right to a financially secure retirement. Reach out to our experienced legal team today to ensure your retirement savings are in safe hands.