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      Hidden fees are a growing problem for consumers, costing millions of dollars every year. Our class action attorneys help hold companies accountable for failing to disclose fees, disguising hidden costs and deceiving consumers into paying for unknown or undisclosed services.

      Have you recently found hidden, previously undisclosed fees on your credit card statement? Are you getting billed for an account you closed? Were you sent a bill from a company for fees that you never agreed to pay? For millions of consumers in Minnesota and nationwide, hidden fees are stressful and can cause hardship for individuals, families, and small businesses. We are consumer rights and class action attorneys dedicated to helping our clients protect their rights and fight back against abusive billing practices.

      Are hidden fees legal in Minnesota?

      As a consumer, you have the right to know what fees you will be charged for any products or services. Failure to disclose fees could be considered illegal under state or federal law. Consumer protection laws require that businesses disclose fees in advance, by contract or agreement. Knowing they can be difficult to spot, many companies, including cell phone providers, utilities companies, healthcare providers, credit card companies, and other businesses have taken advantage of their bargaining power and have hidden fees from their customers. Companies do this intentionally and purposefully because they know that most consumers won’t notice fees until they think it’s too late.

      How do I fight back against hidden fees?

      If you are a victim of unfair billing practices and have been charged undisclosed or hidden fees, remember that you do have options and rights. Our class action attorneys help hold companies accountable for failing to disclose fees, disguising hidden costs, and deceiving consumers into paying for unknown or undisclosed services. We will review all of your contracts and agreements, assess whether any hidden fees were applied in your case, and aggressively pursue all legally valid claims against any billing company.

      What types of contracts might have hidden agreements?

      One of the reasons that companies continue to apply hidden fees is that they can get away with it. In many cases, it is more profitable for them to apply the fees and continue to reap the payouts even if they have to fight consumers down the road. This is an unfair and illegal practice that requires the attention of consumers and consumer rights attorneys. If you have been subject to any of the following billing scenarios, our class action consumer rights attorneys want to review your case. An illegal hidden fee may appear on any of the following agreements or contracts:

      • Financial service agreements
      • Travel industry contracts or documents
      • Insurance contracts
      • Cell phone and internet provider contracts
      • Credit card agreements and banking contract

      What are my rights as a consumer?

      While small service fees like $1.00 here or $2.50 there might seem small at first, companies billing these amounts over and over to millions of consumers can add up, especially over time. Companies know that the longer they get away with it, the more profitable these hidden and illegal fees become.  On their own, undisclosed fees may not amount to significant financial damage to an individual consumer. However, when applied to a large class of consumers, companies are pocketing millions of dollars by violating the law and misrepresenting actual charges to consumers.

      As a consumer, you have the right to protect your rights, prevent illegal billing practices, and recover compensation for unlawful hidden fees. Minnesota and federal consumer laws offer protections and remedies against these types of deceptive or abusive practices. Our team of consumer protection lawyers continue to seek justice for consumers who cannot battle large corporations alone.

      How do I recover hidden fees from a company?

      If you discovered that you have been charged hidden fees, you should know your rights. Companies that have collected illegal charges or defrauded consumers will generally not refund damages to the consumer without a fight. These fights are worth having when justice is served and when consumers collect just compensation for their losses. Our proven record of successful class action settlements for consumers is proof that large scale change can happen, even against the biggest corporations, and that consumer rights cannot be sidelined.

      Contact Our Class Action Lawyers

      Wanta Thome PLC is committed to protecting consumers’ rights through class action litigation in Minnesota and throughout the United States. If you believe a company has deceived you into paying undisclosed or unexpected fees, or have questions about hidden fees, our class action lawyers want to hear from you. Contact us for a free initial consultation.