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      State and federal laws prohibit employers from engaging in retaliation because an employee has filed a charge of discrimination with a state or federal agency or reported a discriminatory practice internally. Minnesota and federal law also prohibit retaliation/reprisal in response to an employee’s request for accommodations because of disability or leave to care for a child or another family member that has a disability.  Employment retaliation is also prohibited when employees are injured at work and inform their employers of the need to make a report or claim for workers’ compensation benefits. Retaliation is also prohibited when an employee takes a leave under the Family Medical Leave Act (“FMLA”) or other type of family leave.  In addition, whistleblowers are protected for reporting illegal activity, government fraud, safety violations or other prohibited practices like denying employees overtime pay. The employment lawyers at Wanta Thome PLC have represented countless employees who have experienced employment discrimination and employment retaliation in the workplace. Our employment attorneys have obtained millions of dollars in settlements and trial verdicts for our clients. If you have been, or are currently, being discriminated or retaliated against in your workplace, call our office to speak directly to one of our employment lawyers to protect your employment law rights.